Eight Feet Tall

Bismillah… I am a dwarf. But I am standing on the shoulder of a giant. And the view is great from up here! You can have the same view, too! But at first you have to admit that you are a dwarf. And then you have to stand on the shoulder of a giant.



There is
A gaping void
At the core
Of my being.

I fall
A little bit more.

A deep darkness.

I have hit
Rock bottom before.

There is hardship
Before ease.
And breakdown
Before breakthrough.

I reside
In a foggy chamber
Inside my head.

My blurry eyes
Cannot see
The light.

At the end
Of the tunnel.

I have
Not lost hope.

I wait
For my Lord
To lift me up.

He rescued me
So many times before.

Patience is bitter.
Yet its fruit
Is sweet.


Authored by Sanjida Shaheed
date: September 13, 2014
shorturl: http://wp.me/p33PbB-gp



My heart is
In the nowhere zone
Between the Earth
And the heavens.

Oh Lord!
What am I doing
Here on Earth
When You are
Up above
Seven heavens?

Trapped within
My earthly body,
My soul is fidgeting.
To meet you.

This world,
This life on Earth
Has nothing
To comfort me.

Yet I cannot
Leave it
To seek You
Until it is time
For me to go.

And so
I am stranded
In the nowhere place
Between the Earth
And the heavens.

I have
Nowhere to stay.
And nowhere to go.


Authored by Sanjida Shaheed
date: August 28, 2014
shorturl: http://wp.me/p33PbB-gh

I found faith


I have seen life
From opposite poles.

I know how joy
Turns into sorrow
For no apparent reason.

I know that plans fail
If your emotions
Take you through
A roller coaster ride.

At the flick of a switch
You neither own nor control.

I know how we get
Used to it all
And how we barely
Manage to keep balance
Walking on a tightrope.

I know how no one
Hears the screams
Inside us
That we keep bottled up
And stashed
Under layers
Of oblivion
Ever so consciously.

And I know
How easily it can
All end with a happy note
When Love favours you.

When The Beloved
Glances at you
Fire that consumes you
Will turn into water.

And wash you clean,
Ready to embrace
A new beginning.

As if nothing
Ever happened.

So, this is my message
To you…

If you have lost
Faith in faith
Give it
Benefit of the doubt.

Life is indeed
Stranger that fiction.

Faith gives you wings.
Why let reason
Trim the feathers?

Once you learn
To fly
You will see things
From up above.

And you will never
Want to get down again.


Authored by Sanjida Shaheed
date: undated (November or December), 2013
shorturl: http://wp.me/p33PbB-g5



Neither words
Nor silence
Can repair me.

Only Time can heal
My wounded heart.

Do not let
My absence
Alarm you.

I am burning.
In darkness.
In disguise.

My burning
Will light my soul.

And show me and you
The way back
To The Truth.

Wait for me
Until then.


Authored by Sanjida Shaheed
date: August 19, 2014
shorturl: http://wp.me/p33PbB-g0

The Divorce


The world
Has closed
Its doors
To me.

And I have closed
My doors to it,

We are now
Mutual strangers.

Behind closed doors
I open my heart.

To The One
And Only One.

Who knows me
Inside out.

Do you know
Who she is?

They attempt
To introduce me
With praises
And accolades
And shout outs.

My soul
So much more.

I am
A master
Of disguise.

I have hidden myself
Behind status updates
And chitchats.

My everyday things
Belie the immortal nature
Of my soul.

My immortal soul
Is homeward bound.

Divorced from this world,
I am just waiting
For my turn
To get on the train.

That will take me
To my eternal bliss.


Authored by Sanjida Shaheed
date: August 16, 2014
shorturl: http://wp.me/p33PbB-fU


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