by Sanjida Shaheed

You see this man
In the streets –
Shabby clothes,
Dirty face,
No roof over his head.
And you know,
He is homeless.

But can you see
And you?

Our souls wander.
Never at home
On Earth.
Perpetually lost
In a longing
For the unknown!

We are safely tucked in.
Our food tastes great.
We look dandy.

So why are we
So hollow inside?
So why are we
So empty?

Chasing one dream after another,
We settle for cash and a career.
Having lost a deeper meaning,
The true purpose,
We have become hopeless.
There is a roof over our head.
But our souls are homeless.

Authored by Sanjida Shaheed
date: January 15, 2013

url: http://wp.me/p33PbB-1G