I’m beautiful

by Sanjida Shaheed

I am tired of tirades.
Please excuse me
While I sip silence.

Solace will seep through my skin
In solitude.
I bury my thoughts
In a quiet corner
And unleash my heart.

Can you survive
The power of my love?

You wouldn’t call me pretty.
No you wouldn’t.
Some would even say
I’m not worth a second look.

But I weave
A patchwork quilt with
My smiles,
My hugs,
My words.
The quilt will keep you warm
In a cold, heartless world.

I’m so beautiful inside.
Dare to take a peek
Inside my soul?

My beauty is not skin-deep.
You will not find me
– I mean uncovered –
In a fashion magazine.
I don’t disgrace billboards
With delusions.

I value values.
Call me old-fashioned.

I am too warm to be hot.

And I like it this way.

Authored by Sanjida Shaheed
date: January 17, 2013
shorturl: http://wp.me/p33PbB-2T