So quiet

by Sanjida Shaheed

I cannot hear
The loud noises any more.
It’s so quiet
Around here.

It is on days like this
I wait for
Silent conversations
Within my heart.

Away from crowds
Away from eyes,
Away from ears
A secret world
Keeps growing
In my heart.
Even I don’t have
Access to it
Except on special days.

When the floodgates open
I lose myself
In the rush of
long awaited love.

I cannot let you in.
But you can have
An invisible postcard
If you are also living
In a secret world
In your mind.

On any given day
When you know
The power of ONE,
Know that I am also waiting
– maybe miles away –
But close to your heart
with a signed card
To relish our friendship.

Authored by Sanjida Shaheed
date: January 20, 2013