by Sanjida Shaheed

We choose
False identities
And picture ourselves
Within given boundaries.
We live
In a comfort zone
And tread ever
So cautiously.
As if we are walking barefoot
In an uncharted land
Scattered with shattered glass.

The vulnerability
Of our safely protected
Fragile existence
Shakes us.
And we close the door
To our hearts
To ward off hurt.

Yet we cannot ignore
The longing for
The great beyond.
Looking through the window
We heave a sigh,
Longing for landscapes
Filled with memories
Of innocent days
And dream-filled nights.

Remembrance can save us.
All of this is
Like morning dew.
Love will carry us
Back home,
Where we truly belong.
Home is where love is.

Authored by Sanjida Shaheed
date: February 03, 2013