by Sanjida Shaheed

My red blood
And the passions
In it
Turn into black ink
With a visceral truth
And flow on paper
Waiting for you
To savour
And season
In your own blood.
Ready to flow again.

In life
We come full circle.
And become greater
Than the sum
Of the parts.

Where does it end?
And where did it start?

Round and round
We keep orbiting
The sun
Through out the year,
Through changed seasons,
Through changed hearts.

Gathering traces
And fragments
That construct
Inner realities.

The ocean
Intrigues us
With ebb and flow.
In dark nights
We find comfort
In glowing fireflies.

Life is boundless.
Life is simple.
Life leads us
To The Ever Living.


Authored by Sanjida Shaheed
date: December 14, 2013