I am not mine

by Sanjida Shaheed

I look
At myself
And fear grips me.

I gaze
At The Beloved
And love fills me.

Love fills me
With joy and pain.
The Lover is present
In His absence.

I am not mine.

I wait
For my return
To eternity,
My turn
To belong
To Divinity.

I am not
Of this world!

I am not
Of this world!

You can see
Only my body.
My heart is
An absentee.

I have tasted
In bonds of love.
And I do not
Wish to break

Do not seek me
In a crowd.

You will find me
In your own self.
When divine love
Tears the veils
Within you.


Authored by Sanjida Shaheed
date: December 20, 2013
shorturl: http://wp.me/p33PbB-dL