An unknown blessing

by Sanjida Shaheed

No known thought
Or feeling.
Something unknown
Is gnawing
At my heart.

My heart
Is bleeding.
Like a wounded soldier
In a battlefield.

It is bigger
Than my existence.
I don’t know
What it is.
But I am
Familiar with it.

It has been
A part of me.
For years.

I know
When it grips
My heart.
But I
Don’t know
What it is.

I have learned
To make friends
With it.
The unknown company.

My pain.
An unknown friend.
A blessing
To me.

I know that
It brings me
Closer to my Lord.
And it brings me
On my knees.

Oh, Lord!
I don’t want
That takes me
Away from You!

Bless me
With this sorrow
That is unknown
To me.
Over and
Over again!

Let me be
Truly happy
Only when
I see You!

Until then
Give me
The strength
to bear
This unknown pain.

That torments
My heart.
And torments
My heart.
And torments
My heart…


Authored by Sanjida Shaheed
date: April 20, 2014