The Artist

by Sanjida Shaheed

The pull
of the unknown.
The call
Of colours.

Where to
From here?

They ask me
I am standing
On the shore.

They know
I can swim.

I am afraid
Of drowning.

I was
A wanderer,
A vagabond,
A fearless soul
Who would
Tread on fire.

I have
Calmed down.

I have learned
To breathe.
To cherish
The moments.
And not
Turn them
Into memories
Without living
In it fully.

I have learned
To come
To a standstill.

I have learned
To start
My journey
Yet again.

This time,
I will walk
Towards The Light.

I will not
Tread on fire.
But extinguish
It instead.

I don’t know
What kept me
So long.

I am free
To embrace love.

I am ready
To give my all
To The One
Who gave me
All that I have.


Authored by Sanjida Shaheed
date: April 20, 2014