The Divorce

by Sanjida Shaheed


The world
Has closed
Its doors
To me.

And I have closed
My doors to it,

We are now
Mutual strangers.

Behind closed doors
I open my heart.

To The One
And Only One.

Who knows me
Inside out.

Do you know
Who she is?

They attempt
To introduce me
With praises
And accolades
And shout outs.

My soul
So much more.

I am
A master
Of disguise.

I have hidden myself
Behind status updates
And chitchats.

My everyday things
Belie the immortal nature
Of my soul.

My immortal soul
Is homeward bound.

Divorced from this world,
I am just waiting
For my turn
To get on the train.

That will take me
To my eternal bliss.


Authored by Sanjida Shaheed
date: August 16, 2014