I found faith

by Sanjida Shaheed


I have seen life
From opposite poles.

I know how joy
Turns into sorrow
For no apparent reason.

I know that plans fail
If your emotions
Take you through
A roller coaster ride.

At the flick of a switch
You neither own nor control.

I know how we get
Used to it all
And how we barely
Manage to keep balance
Walking on a tightrope.

I know how no one
Hears the screams
Inside us
That we keep bottled up
And stashed
Under layers
Of oblivion
Ever so consciously.

And I know
How easily it can
All end with a happy note
When Love favours you.

When The Beloved
Glances at you
Fire that consumes you
Will turn into water.

And wash you clean,
Ready to embrace
A new beginning.

As if nothing
Ever happened.

So, this is my message
To you…

If you have lost
Faith in faith
Give it
Benefit of the doubt.

Life is indeed
Stranger than fiction.

Faith gives you wings.
Why let reason
Trim the feathers?

Once you learn
To fly
You will see things
From up above.

And you will never
Want to get down again.


Authored by Sanjida Shaheed
date: undated (November or December), 2013
shorturl: http://wp.me/p33PbB-g5