A weak lover

by Sanjida Shaheed


The things that
I do
Because I miss You!

My Lord!
You know
How the days
Burden my heart.

You know
How I long
To run to You
Like a hug-hungry
Sensitive child.

You know
How I am waiting
For You.

For You
To lift Your veil.

And show me.

Show me
Your Blessed Face!

My Lord!
Ails me so.

I am feeling sick.
And weak.

Inside out.

How much more

Why does the path

A never ending series
Of days

Followed by

A never ending series
Of days.

Followed by

A never ending series
Of days.

I toss and turn
On sleepless nights.

I weep and wail
On lonesome days.

I don’t know
How to survive this.

I long for
A secret rendezvous.

Yet I sleep
Through the last third
Of the night.

When You descend
To meet me.

Perhaps my love
For You
Is not yet

Than my love
For me.

Perhaps when
I cross the threshold

And leave me
Behind me
Can I fall

On my knees.

To taste
Your love for me.

And succumb.

Authored by Sanjida Shaheed
date: April 18, 2016
shorturl: http://bit.ly/23STTgX