A weary traveller

by Sanjida Shaheed


You are
A weary traveller.

Still you keep


One heavy step
At a time.

Tales of
The mountain top
Mesmerize you.

And now
You can’t stop
This journey.

This journey
That tears you
At the seams.

This journey
That veils
Whatever is
And cozy.

You cannot
Give up
This quest.

Shed the weight
From your shoulder.

Shed the weight
From your soul.

You have burdened
Your own self.

With trappings
Of this world.

And the safe
You carry
Weighs you down.

Shed the weight
And taste
The freedom.

Of a bird
In flight.

Let go.

Let The Lord
Take your hand.

Let go.

Let The Lord
Carry you.

To the mountain top.

Authored by Sanjida Shaheed
date: April 29, 2016
shorturl: bit.ly/26AeMQ9