by Sanjida Shaheed


She cut her finger
With a rainbow
Gleaming on the skin
Of her kitchen knife.

And out of her wound
Poured a flow of words.

She had silenced her voice
And kept it hidden
Inside the cavity of
Her being. Now it found
An escape route.


The words rose high
To form little clouds
Of dreams. And she
Stood drenched

In a sudden downpour
That was welcome yet

She opened her lips
To relish – with her longing
Taste buds – the sweetness
Of falling honey drops.

And there in the moist,
Loving space inside
Her mouth, dreams bloomed
Like rare flowers.

She began to speak
In a soft, care-free tone
That seduced hearts to come
To a standstill and
Soak in the fragrance

They listened. Spellbound.
Letting each word unveil
A layer in their deep
Unconscious that they
Did not know existed.

The words she spoke
Took root in their hearts
Like innermost secrets.

And when the secrets bloomed
Under divine supervision,
They began to speak and

Bringing hearts down
To their knees.
Reconnecting to The Lord.
Seeking and anticipating
And receiving blessings
In the end.

Authored by Sanjida Shaheed
date: September 03, 2016
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