Why “Eight Feet Tall”?

I am not a writer. That’s what I used to feel for a long time. I have slowly learned to come out in the open and upgrade myself from being a closet poet to just… a poet. I write when I am inspired. It is something that I neither can nor want to force myself to do.

If you are wondering about the title of the blog, here is an explanation. I am a Muslim. Although I was born in a Muslim family I haven’t started living like a Muslim until 2011. I have a history of mental illness and I found the purpose of my life when I found Islam. Although I am physically rather short, Islam puts me on a higher ground, I feel elevated. Islam has helped me reach new heights in multiple ways. And this blog appreciates that. Hence the title “Eight feet tall”.

All praises are due to Allah, The Lord of the worlds!

I get out of my own skin and breathe free when the time is right to give voice to my inner voice.

It is therapeutic.

I write to make sense of my stay here on Earth and remind myself of my journey back home to Allah. I share my words to help like-hearted readers seek and feel Divine Love.

May Allah help us all love Him.


– Sanjida Shaheed